Real-time Information to Optimize Logistics Decisions

Supply chain control and visibility is becoming critical to enhancing competitive advantage. However, with increased complexity in sales models, new distribution channels, expanded logistics partners, and fragmented systems, achieving this success is more challenging than ever.  These increasing requirements and demands are some of the top drivers of supply chain complexity, but are also the path to continued growth and differentiation.

MPO's software platform orchestrates orders across global locations, streamlining inbound, outbound, domestic, and international orders, giving you inventory visibility with integration across operational systems.  MPO delivers a supply chain control tower that enables you to compete more effectively on logistics and realize measurable benefits and ROI.



  • Improve operational performance by optimizing each order flow across your supply chain, carriers, and outsourced partners

  • Create best-in-class customer service with on-time, “right-cost” deliveries

  • Reduce inventory across the supply chain with integration visibility and optimized order flows

  • Lower excess expediting fees, detention penalties, and demurrage fees with visibility and alerts to critical milestones

  • Gain better control and visibility of your outsourced partners


  • Optimized purchase order management including order splitting, routing, sourcing, and consolidation

  • Advanced shipment notifications for visibility into, and streamlining of, receiving operations, inspection, and quality assurance

  • Real-time visibility and alerts that cut clerical costs 

  • Flexible purchase order management automation with configuration flows, pre-requisite steps, and documents

MPO orchestrates purchase orders across the widest variety of industries, including international, multi-leg, multi-level, and multi-party, delivering profitable and exceptional customer service. 

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