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The Story of Tim

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MPO is fast growing SaaS for real-time optimization of supply chains providing wow experiences to customers like Tim. Tim is a typical example of The Internet Man who is now enjoying holidays for a few days on a remote island:


Wow Experiences

  • Tim bought special shorts in his favorite boutique and he liked the chat with the friendly shop owner. ‘Cool shop and nice guy’. (local shopping)

  • Tim forgot his customized lifestyle sunglasses and orders a pair to be delivered still the same day. ‘So happy with instant delivery’. (urgent need)

  • Tim needs a new laundry machine to be installed within a time window of one hour. ‘This service saves me from taking a full day from work’ (special service)




  • Tim orders gifts months ahead for his family living overseas to be dropped at their door step on Christmas Eve ‘Why carry it all myself on the plane’. (order combination)

  • Tim goes snowboarding with friends next winter and orders a new board to be delivered at the still unknown destination. ‘They can look it up later in my iPhone’. (social integration)

  • Tim activates automatic refill for his 3D printer to ensure he can always produce his latest creative design work. ‘I love mixing science and arts anytime’. (internet of things)

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Consumer & Business Market

Consumers like Tim in their professional life are engineers, managers or doctors setting the new business trends. In the business markets, they look for the same customer wow experiences when it comes to demand and supply.

Customer Chain Control

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customer chain control


Global Markets

Billions of customers like Tim will soon live in global markets and dictate new service requirements to suppliers offering their products.

In order to win the upcoming global market play, the new market leaders will be forced to offer superior customer experience.

In old school marketing, traditional thinkers have put endless expensive efforts in the instruments of the Product, Pricing and Promotion.

 In new school marketing the focus will quickly move to the Place as the key differentiator for sustainable competitive advantage.


Disruptive Power

Disruptive power will come from Customer Chain Control, a new strategy to boost performance across Marketing, Supply Chain and IT.

Customers of the new market leaders will become able to drive their own individual supply chains through realtime order optimization.


For the marketing of products this new strategy removes the classical leadership dilemna to compete on either customer service or costs levels.

Customer Chain Control creates a new exciting experience of both Customer Intimacy AND Operational Excellence at the same time!

Customers in consumer and business markets will be able to set per order their personal supply chain service.

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Marketing Place Optimization

The new Place experience offers options for now or later, here or there, economy or premium, and best effort or guaranteed.

Winning product vendors and service providers need the capability to perform the supply chain service accordingly.

The future leaders of the new global markets have gone or should now go for  MPO: Marketing Place Optimization.

supply  chain orchestration

Supply Chain Orchestration

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Best of Breed Performance

The secret power behind the new incredible customer wow experiences is online real-time Supply Chain Orchestration.

The combined value of Customer Intimacy and Operational Excellence can not be achieved by a single company in the supply chain alone.

Superior customer experience for each order is the unique result of best of breed performance of product vendors and service providers together.


Order Flow Optimization

Real-time Supply chain orchestration is required over the processes for E-commerce, Distribution, Sourcing and Returns Management.

For each and every customer order Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Logistics Service Providers need to run the perfect race.

For each customer order placed in webshops or ERP systems the best process workflow and best executing parties will be planned.



For the execution of a customer order multiple service orders will be created to be executed by the operating parties offering the best services and lowest costs.

This end-to-end supply chain orchestration governs all steps of the customer order life cycle including Planning, Execution, Finance and Analytics.


Multi Party Orchestration

On the one hand, orchestration optimizes for the value of Customer Intimacy by smart business rules for higher Agility (flexibility) and Velocity (speed).

At the same time, orchestration optimizes for the value of Operational Excellence through business rules for higher Efficiency (costs) and Compliancy (security).

The new leaders of the upcoming global markets in 2020 have already gone or will soon go for MPO: Multi Party Orchestration.

Software as a Service

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software as a service

New Internet Technology

MPO is fast growing Software as a Service for real-time order orchestration in dynamic supply chains creating impossible wow experiences for customers.

Realtime supply chain orchestration for customer chain control requires new Internet Technology different from the traditional ERP, WMS and TMS systems in static supply chains.



ERP systems are fine for commercial order management, production, inventory, and financial management within a company but miss the entities, logic and integration to orchestrate supply chains.

WMS systems are great in managing receiving, putaway, storage, picking and packing within warehouses, but do not have the model, rules and interfaces for dynamic supply chain orchestration.

TMS systems are perfect for planning and execution of transport orders and resources for a carrier network, but have no functions, data and links to orchestrate supply chains end to end.

Unique Strengths

MPO is the leading SaaS for supply chain orchestration and customer chain control providing a unique combination of strengths:



  • Smart functions: MPO has rich features for planning execution, finance and analytics

  • Flexible settings: MPO configuration can be tuned to company needs



  • Easy access: MPO is a web service running over the Internet anywhere, anytime

  • Secure service: MPO is a system for high performance and high availability



  • Non invasive: MPO respects the role of current company systems

  • Step by step: MPO can grow with increasing company maturity



  • No capital : With MPO,  no upfront software and hardware investments are required

  • Low costs: MPO has only variable system running costs in line with value creation


Managing Physical Objects

The future leaders of global markets are getting ready for the Internet of Things with MPO: Managing Physical Objects